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Until the last decade, bed bugs weren't common in Boston. Most pest control companies had never heard of them. In recent years, bed bugs have become a major problem for Massachusetts residents.

Like lice, bed bugs are tiny, flat, and red-brown insects that live on blood. They can quickly make their way up walls, beds, blankets and drapes, and ceilings. The females lay eggs daily and can reproduce hundreds of times.

They are most active during the night while you are sleeping. Because they can get into the cracks of the mattresses, carpet, and furniture, it can be hard to know if you have an infestation. Once bitten, you can develop welts that look like mosquito bites, but some people have no indication they have been bitten. Even though a large infestation can cause stains and spots on mattresses, smaller bed bug colonies can be impossible to find without the help of a pest removal business. Learn more about how bed bugs are commonly eradicated.

Bed bugs are extremely annoying. Alamo Pest Control Environment Services, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in getting rid of these difficult insects. We can get rid of even the biggest bed bug infestations.

Even though bed bugs are common now, during the 1940's they were almost completely gone. Electronics, furniture, and clothing make it easy for bed bugs to make it into your home. They can be found in even the cleanest homes. They do not carry diseases, but some allergic reactions are common. Don't risk your home's property value being reduced because of an infestation.

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