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Beetles are the largest insect category conformed of 5 million species that make up a quarter of all life on earth. Depending on the species and level of infestation, beetles can cause damage to plants or wood structures. Our pest control company provides residential and commercial pest control for beetle infestation treatment and other pest control services in the North Reading, Reading, Revere and Saugus, MA areas.

Beetles are among the easiest pests to identify. They have a hard outer shell over their wings and a body that has a head, thorax and abdomen. The wings can only be seen when beetles are in flight. Some common wood-eating species include bark beetles, powder post beetles, Asian beetles, old house borer beetles, and citrus long-horned beetles. Only the larvae eat wood, but some types of beetle lay eggs in wood. Our beetle exterminators can eliminate the infestation and stop further damage to wood structures and furniture. Contact Alamo Pest Control for assistance!

More About Beetles

Certain species feed on plants and have been known to cause millions of dollars in crop damage and extensive damage to home gardens and plants. These include the boll weevil, western corn rootworm, Colorado potato beetle, and the rose chafer. Seeing a few beetles is a sign that many more are present, so contact Alamo Pest Control Environment Services, Inc. for reliable beetle control services. Not all beetles cause damage, for instance, the ladybug.

In order for beetle control to be effective, identifying the species is essential. The methods used to eliminate plant beetles will not work for wood-eating species, as they hide deep in the wood. Our beetle exterminators have extensive knowledge and expertise to identify and eliminate the beetles invading your home or business.

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  • American Spider Beetle
  • Cigarette Beetle
  • Dried Fruit Beetle
  • Drugstore Beetle
  • Foreign Grain Beetle
  • Larder Beetle
  • Sawtooth & Merchant Grain Beetle

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