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Flies are a common household pest that can be found in all areas of the country. More than 240,000 species of flies exist throughout the world, including gnats and mosquitos. Roughly a third of the known species can be found in the United States. At Alamo Pest Control, we provide fly control services in and around North Reading, MA, Reading, MA, Revere, MA, and Saugus, MA.

Flies have one set of wings. Typically, they breed in garbage, excrement, compost piles, sewers, and other places where decaying matter is present. They are able to carry diseases, such as malaria, encephalitis, yellow fever, dengue fever, and other bacteria and viruses. When the fly lands on food, these germs can be passed to humans. Contact Alamo Pest Control & Environmental Services Inc for assistance!

Flies have a rapid growth cycle, reaching adulthood from egg in only 7 days. Maggots are one stage in the development of a fly and maggots of certain species, such as the Carrot Rust fly may eat the roots of some vegetables. The fruit fly, house fly, cluster fly, and garbage fly, are the most common flies found in homes in the local area. The stable fly is a problem for livestock and the horsefly can bite humans. This is unique, as most flies drink, rather than bite, their food.

Flies are annoying, but they do serve a purpose. Flies can help keep the populations of other pests under control. Additionally, flies help break down decaying matter, including animal carcasses at a faster rate. Effective fly prevention services is more than killing adult flies It is essential that the eggs and larvae are destroyed to eradicate the problem. Our flies removal company can manage a wide range of fly problems, including the Cluster fly, Crane fly, Face fly, Fresh fly, Fruit fly, Fungus gnat, house fly and moth fly.

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