Bee and Wasp Services

Bees and wasps are considered beneficial insects for the environment but are typically feared because of their ability to sting. The wasps can sting continually, unlike the bee that loses its stinger when it does. Many people consider wasps as bees although they are different except that they both live in colonies with the queen as the ruler, and many workers.

About 50 to 100 people die each year from bee and wasp stings, most because of allergic reactions to the venom. At least one per cent of humans are allergic to wasp and bee stings and their venom. To prevent and control these insects in and around your home, it is first important to identify whether it is a wasp or a bee since they may require different methods of treatment. Normally the bees and wasps do not live inside the home but like to make themselves comfortable in the eaves or other areas around the outside walls of the home. Contact Alamo Pest Control for help!

Eliminating Bees and Wasps

Trying to resolve a wasp or bee nuisance on your own could cause more problems than good, putting yourself and your family in danger. A professional service knows all the habits and behaviors of the bees and wasp. Once on your site, the technician will examine the situation and discuss the observations and suggested treatment options to get rid of the pests. Inspection involves evaluating the nest or the swarm as well as the degree of the problem.

The technician will discuss with you the most efficient pest control treatment or formula in order to eradicate the wasps or bees. Products used are cutting-edge and effective in eliminating the wasps, bees, their nests and swarms. It will be recommended that the family and pets stay clear of the area that is to be treated for safety reasons.

Ridding your home of bees and wasps requires immediate service and involves protecting the perimeter of the homes foundation to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem. The professionals wear appropriate protective clothing in order to treat these invasive pests right at their nest site to be effective without using excessive pesticides.

A professional service for wasps and bees is cost effective and safer than trying to do the job yourself. The technicians are all specially trained to handle each pest that they work to rid and always provide guarantee of their services. Put an end to your bee and wasp problem with the safest and most professional method for the safety of your home, family and pets.

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