Removing Spiders from Your Property

Because they control the population of several harmful insects, the presence of spiders is not always a bad thing. However, spiders can negatively affect people, either by scaring them or bites from a poisonous type. Alamo Pest Control is a pest control company providing residential pest control and commercial pest control services in and around North Reading, MA, Reading, MA, Revere, MA, and Saugus, MA.

Certain types of spiders can pose a serious threat to humans, such as the Black Widow and Brown Recluse. Each year, a few people die from bites from these spiders. For this reason, it is essential to seek treatment immediately, if bitten by these spiders. Hospitalization is sometimes necessary, depending on the severity of the bite and reaction. Contact Alamo Pest Control & Environmental Services Inc for assistance now!

About the Spiders We Work With

The Black Widow is black with a red hourglass shape on the bottom of the abdomen. The male is smaller than the female of this species. The Black Widow is generally found outside. The Brown Recluse spider has a dark brown hourglass shape on its back. This type of spider is usually found indoors and likes dark places out of site. It usually bites when it is startled by a person reaching into the place where it is hiding.

Some spiders lack strong venom, but still leave painful bites when encountering humans. These include the Glass Spider, Wolf Spider, Saint Andrew's Cross Spider, and Hobo Spider. When spiders invade your home, it is important to contact a reliable company to provide spider control services. An experienced professional can identify the type of spider and recommend the best way to eliminate the problem and keep them away.

If you are looking for pest control companies in North Reading, MA, Reading, MA, Revere, MA, or Saugus, MA, we provide reliable spider management services for the Brown Recluse, Cellar spider, Garden Spider, House, Jumping, and Wolf spiders. Please contact Alamo Pest Control & Environmental Services Inc for reliable spider removal services at your home or business.

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