Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels are one of the most common wildlife animals in America. They grow in numbers in the wild and are a nuisance both to homeowners and farm owners due to their destructive nature to properties.

Squirrels chew on electrical wires, dig holes, destroy landscapes and can even gnaw on wooden walls in your home. They are also very territorial. They mark their pathways and their food storage with their urine which can cause multiple of problems to your health.

Leave it to the experts of Alamo Pest Control With our accumulated knowledge and experience throughout the years, our team has developed a systematic and safe method to keep your property pest free. We will also teach you on how you can avoid or keep them out once the treatment is done.

Once your property starts to show signs of squirrel infestation, strange odor, squirrel dropping and chew marks, don't hesitate any longer and get a specialist as soon as possible. We will make sure that your property will be rid squirrels in no time! Contact us today for a FREE squirrel removal quote.

Squirrels depending on the species are mostly composed of herbivores who feed nuts, acorns, berries, and nuts.They also feed on tree barks, fungus and, sap. They breed once or twice a year and give birth of one to six offspring.

We at Alamo Pest Control Environment Services, Inc. provide humane squirrel removal services to our customers. Our team has extensive knowledge on how to handle and provide post-care prevention instructions to our customers once we have successfully removed the squirrels from your property.

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