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Do you need a termite exterminator? Alamo Pest Control is a termite control firm providing reliable comprehensive pest elimination services, including termite infestation treatment for homeowners in North Reading, MA; Reading, MA; Revere, MA; Saugus, MA; and throughout the greater Boston area.

The most common termite problem in the United States is the subterranean termite, which is a pest found in all states, with the exception of Alaska. They live underground in colonies, usually in soil or wood under the soil, and they tunnel for food in trees, decaying wood, and homes. They gain access to your home from wood that is in contact with the soil. Contact Alamo Pest Control & Environmental Services Inc for help!

Indications of Termite Infestation

Methods of discouraging termites include keeping the ground around your home clear of wood, including firewood and wood mulch. It is important to have your home inspected regularly to find and eliminate termites. We provide termite inspection services to identify these pests before they cause serious damage to your home.

When termites are swarming, they are often mistaken for flying ants but there are a few key differences between flying ants and termites: ants have a narrow waist and wings that are the same size of the body, while termites' wings are about twice the size of their bodies. In addition, ants have bent antennae and termites have straight antennae.

There is some evidence that can signal the presence of termites: wings may be found on floors and window sills, and mud tubes can be found at the base of walls, in the basement, near doors and window trim. In many cases, the infestation may not be noticed, allowing the termites to damage the structure of the home. Termite protection is essential to prevent serious infestations. This kind of pest is a challenging one and eliminating it is a job for an experienced professional using commercial grade pesticides. If you are looking for termite control companies in the North Reading, MA; Reading, MA; Revere, MA; or Saugus, MA areas, we are licensed to provide termite control services. We have extensive experience and knowledge of how these pests enter your home and the treatment process for effectively eliminating the infestation.

Termite treatment may include the use of baits and termiticides, which create a barrier around your home that will prevent termite infestations for years. If you suspect that termites have invaded your home, call Alamo Pest Control & Environmental Services Inc today at 978-683-4333.

Termites are a group of insects that feed on dead plant material. These insects are a serious threat to the home because they cause structural damage to wooden framing. Termites generally live in colonies that may have more than one million members. The colonies make use of swarm intelligence and thrive in environments that are inhospitable to single members. The colony contains a number of specialized insects, workers, nymphs, soldiers, reproductive individuals and queens. Termites are a major problem in New England due to the fact that a majority of homes here are made of wood.

Signs of Termite Damage

Every year termites damage millions of dollars of property. They devour wood, paper, books, insulation and filtration systems. In addition, termites are a serious threat to landscaping because they attack trees and shrubs. Infestations usually consist of millions of individual insets, and this can be a horrifying experience to most homeowners. Simply thinking of the insects devouring a home is enough to give most people chills. Since termites are such a serious problem, professional inspections are a requirement of most home sales. Experienced termite control companies like us can provide preventative services to make sure termites stay out of your Massachusetts home.

Termites are subterranean insects and usually make their home in the ground. In some homes, the pests make mud tubes that allow them to move from a colony to a feeding ground. Identifying a termite infestation is a difficult job that requires professional assistance. Swarming insects may be seen during the early spring and summer, and this is the only way that homeowners may know their property is threatened. Because there are usually no visible signs of an infestation, it is essential to have routine inspections by a licensed termite control firm like us.

Eliminating an infestation is a job that requires professional experience and commercial-grade pesticides. Some home products are available, but they are only recommended for termites that attack a mailbox post or other benign landscaping item. We have knowledge of the construction industry and know the likely places that pests enter your home from. Because the insects usually make their home underground, industrial construction equipment is needed for the treatment process. Drills, pumps, large tanks and soil treatment devices are all tools that are required to effectively remove a termite infestation.

Termite treatment generally consists of two approaches; baits and termiticides are the most common options. Termiticides usually provide years of protection because they create a barrier around the home. We serve a large portion of Massachusetts, including Saugus, Reading and Boston.

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